About us

Exceptional capability in the widest range of processes

Ross & Catherall Ltd, located near Sheffield in the UK, is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of vacuum and air melted ferrous, nickel and cobalt base alloy and superalloy barstock to the investment casting industry.

The company has been producing barstock since the early 1960s and has maintained its position as Europe's leading barstock manufacturer through growth and continuous investment, with an enviable international reputation for high quality and dependability.

Ross & Catherall's alloys can be found across a wide range of performance critical applications as diverse as turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes and other components for aero engines, large land-based gas turbines, hot-end turbocharger wheels, medical implants, and other special components requiring high metallurgical integrity.

Ross & Catherall hold approvals from most of the world's leading OEMs in these fields. The Company provides a wide range of value-added services and supports its customers with advanced supply chain services and logistics.

The Company provides a wide range of value-added services, including a dedicated “in-house” revert processing cell that enables customers to recycle their revert, ensuring product quality is maintained through a “closed loop” network maintaining a truly sustainable Circular Economy within their process, whilst reducing their Carbon Footprint.

Industrial Gas Turbine

Effective revert husbandry is sustainability in action

Our in-house revert processing and preparation facility utilises the revert from customers, creating a “closed loop” network ensuring the final composition and specifications are met, delivering a truly “circular economy” of production and consumption within our melting and processing functions

Recycling of revert helps to reduce mining and refining of elements globally, as such reduces the environmental impact of the final components made by our customers, ultimately enhancing the sustainability of the whole manufacturing process

Revert is valuable, it contains elements such as Ni, Co, Ta, Re, Hf, W etc. It has the exact composition of the finished cast component it was derived from, as such it can be “recycled” back into sustainable superalloy bar stock -  reducing the need for additional “mined” raw materials

Industry’s most stringent specifications

Whether it’s small or large volume production, all nickel, cobalt, and iron base alloys are produced by either vacuum induction or air induction melting to the industry’s most stringent specifications.

Leading manufacturers of aerospace turbine discs and blades, automotive turbocharger wheels, medical implant prostheses and a wide range of other critical-use products know they can depend on “pure performance” in terms of quality and on-time delivery.

Pure performance in vacuum and air induction melting

Ross & Catherall stands as one of the strongest, most capable superalloy suppliers in the world. By employing best practices, R&D, production capabilities and innovations, Ross & Catherall provide customers with a single source for the widest range of advanced alloy products.

Ross & Catherall are entrusted with a wide range of accreditations and certifications and has earned a reputation for supporting leading manufacturers with superalloys that meet the industry’s most stringent requirements