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Industry’s most stringent specifications

Whether it’s small or large volume production, all nickel, cobalt, and iron base alloys are produced by either vacuum induction or air induction melting to the industry’s most stringent specifications.

Leading manufacturers of aerospace turbine discs and blades, automotive turbocharger wheels, medical implant prostheses and a wide range of other critical-use products know they can depend on “pure performance” in terms of quality and on-time delivery.

Pure performance in vacuum and air induction melting

Ross & Catherall stands as one of the strongest, most capable superalloy suppliers in the world. By employing best practices, R&D, production capabilities and innovations, Ross & Catherall
provide customers with a single source for the widest range of advanced alloy products.

Ross & Catherall are entrusted with a wide range of accreditations and certifications and has earned a reputation for supporting leading manufacturers with superalloys
that meet the industry’s most stringent requirements