Environmental health and safety

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Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) is a core value at Ross & Catherall.

Our vision is to promote a workplace fostered by compassionate, caring employees who demonstrate an active, willing, and personal desire to achieve a goal of zero injuries, illnesses, spills, and non-conformances to our compliance requirements.

Ross & Catherall will continue to use proactive measures and promote a workplace culture to continuously reduce the number of incidents and injuries towards an ultimate goal of zero.

Reduce the environmental footprint by optimising our use of raw materials and other natural resources to minimise emissions and wastes. Initiatives have been identified to reduce energy consumption, and to minimise manufacturing waste.

We will continue to strive for “Best in Class” performance in all aspects of our EHS programs, and as such, each Ross & Catherall facility will:

  • Plan and execute activities and tasks properly
  • Identify and control risks through proactive application of appropriate technologies and procedures
  • Aim to achieve 100% safe working conditions
  • We are all EHS leaders and take the responsibility for EHS excellence
  • Support the EHS programs and activities of our stakeholders, suppliers and contractors
  • Act quickly to stop unsafe behaviour or unsafe workplace conditions.
  • Communicate effectively and consult openly between management and employees
  • Cultivate open and accurate EHS reporting and learn from root-cause analyses
  • Provide positive feedback for good EHS behaviour
  • Minimise waste and pollution at our facilities through efficient use of energy and resources
  • Regularly review and assess the materials and consumables used in our facilities and replace hazardous components.

Our strategy

Promote a work environment based on employee involvement, ownership, committee work, education, training, and leadership through:

  • Reinforcing the need for employees to actively care about their co-workers
  • Promoting the philosophy that safety is a core value and belief that cannot be reordered and/or jeopardised
  • Recognising plant and individual achievement
  • Understanding that all accidents and incidents are preventable; and taking personal accountability for safety performance as a condition of employment.

Our EHS management systems are aimed at providing suitable and sufficient resources, and training to ensure compliance with all applicable legal and company requirements

We are committed to complying with all applicable environmental, health & safety regulations where we operate. It is an expectation to be 100% compliant at all times. In addition to adhering to the Ross & Catherall life safety absolutes, the organisation places emphasis on line management to conduct and review EHS risk assessments to identify potential hazards and implement controls to minimise or eliminate the hazards.