Customer demand for alloy in Q2 continues to grow

19 Apr 2024

Our melt capacity is almost fully committed for the quarter, with PO commitments for the remainder of 2024 increasing.

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The summer holiday season will soon be here! August is typically the time when many of our customers take their summer break. as such they reduce their inventory in July, however, the demand for alloy remains and will be required on site for September melting requirements.

Traditionally, many companies will not use their holiday period to place orders, this results in increased demands for melting to meet the September requirements. This materialises in increased production requirements in a short period of time for supply.

With the option and availability of 8 furnaces with volumes ranging from 500kg (1,100lb), 2500kg (5,500lb), 2700kg (6,000lb), 4000kg (8,800lb), 6000kg (13,200lb) & 7200kg (15,800lb) – more than any other superalloy bar stick manufacturer worldwide, we can meet your alloy demand and supply requirements.

Ross & Catherall do not close for the summer holidays, we are open throughout July & August.

We encourage our customers to utilise and maximise our late July & August melt availability for when they return from the summer break, with the assurance that the alloy will be on their site for September melting requirements.

We will commit and secure available melt slots on a "first commit" basis with receipt of a confirmed purchase order. Please remember to have revert available and delivered prior to your summer break.

Please speak with your account manager or contact us  to secure the available melt capacity during your summer break.