Increased demand for superalloy cast bar stick

10 Apr 2024

2024 has continued to prove that there is increased demand for superalloy cast bar stick, with demand now at unprecedented levels throughout the world.

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However, there is a noticeable reduction in the revert "turnaround" time and quantity from customers to meet their alloy volume demands at revert ratios they have historically utilised.

We would remind customers to review their revert ratios so that the increased volumes required can be met, this may require 100% virgin melts, or increasing the virgin content to spread the revert available across a number of revert ratio melts - the attached presentation provides examples.

Revert levels have been a concern for some time, as the market continues to grow, the revert is not "recycling" through the foundry quickly enough to sustain historical revert ratios - combined with the fact some revert may be in the delayed supply chain!

Please review your revert ratio levels, plan your melt requirements accordingly to meet these ratios, or utilise one of our other furnace capacities, from 500kg (1,100lbs) to 7200kg (15,800lbs), this will ensure we can meet the manufacturing and despatch dates we have advised.

Revert delays WILL impact our melt sequencing and as such despatch dates advised will result in delays of the finished alloys.

If you wish to review your revert ratios or consider an alternative furnace capacity that can sustain your revert ratios, please contact your account manager directly. Alternatively, you can send your enquiry via our "contact us" link at or through LinkedIn.

Please note that melt slots and/or rescheduling will be allocated, and secured, on "first commit" basis with receipt of a confirmed purchase order (and revert availability).