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12 Apr 2024

We have designed a brochure that not only introduces Ross & Catherall to customers that helps "market" our company and facilities, we have used this redesign opportunity to create a brochure that is also a "learning" document, to introduce to the reader the processes used in the manufacturing of our superalloys.

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We hope this immersive view of our facility and processes helps to explain the manufacturing systems, science and technology that are involved in the creation and development of the alloys we manufacture for you, our customers.

You can download this brochure from LinkedIn, via our dedicated webpage or in person at our booth #24 at the forthcoming EICF 2024 International Conference & Exhibition – Annual EICF Conference & Exhibition in Napoli (Italy), from May 12th to 14th 2024, https://www.eicf2024.org/ should you be attending.

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