Alloy Processing, Finishing and Inspection

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Tailored to meet the rigorous demands of industries

Alloy processing and finishing encompass a broad range of techniques designed to enhance the physical and aesthetic properties of metal alloys, making them suitable for specific applications.

Through these sophisticated processing and finishing techniques, alloys are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of industries, showcasing the critical role of material science in technological advancement.

Grinding Grinding
Cut to weight Cut to weight
Finishing Finishing
Inspection Inspection

Processing and finishes

  • Cut to weight
  • Shot blasting and grinding
  • Notch fractured
  • Welded lifting hooks
  • Air melted ingots
  • All Billets / Ingots 100% portable XRF tested and identified
  • Bespoke, individual bar marking available
  • Shipped in reusable, ecofriendly Heat-Treated wooden boxes