Mould Assembly

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Accuracy and efficiency

To optimise the casting quality of the alloys, the mould preparation and assembly process is critical in meeting the customers final surface dimensions, yield, and surface quality.

From tube selection - cleaning and preparation, mould frame assembly, location and correct fitment of the technical ceramic refractory distribution and runner systems are all critical in mould assembly to ensure that the moulds fill accurately and efficiently, to produce a superior surface finish and quality with optimised cast yields.

Tube cleaning Tube cleaning
Tube build Tube build
Headbox assembly Headbox assembly
Assembled frame Assembled frame

Once built, the mould frames are loaded onto transfer “bogies” into the pre-heat ovens at a set temperature and a pre-determined cycle time, or “soak” time.

This is to ensure that the tubes, refractories and frames are free from any moisture that may be present from the atmosphere prior to loading into the vacuum pouring chamber, ready for alloy pouring.