In-house Revert Processing

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Delivering a circular economy from your closed-loop revert generation through sustainable melting practices

Our in-house revert processing and preparation facility utilises the revert from customers, creating a “closed-loop” network ensuring the final composition and specifications are met, delivering a truly “circular economy” of production and consumption within our melting and processing functions.

Recycling of revert helps to reduce mining and refining of elements globally, as such reduces the environmental impact of the final components made by our customers, ultimately enhancing the sustainability of the whole manufacturing process.

XRF inspection XRF inspection
Preparation Preparation
Cutting Cutting
Shot Cleaning Shot Cleaning
Furnace Ready Furnace Ready
Charge Ready Charge Ready

Revert is valuable, it contains elements such as Ni, Co, Ta, Re, Hf, W etc. It has the exact composition of the finished cast component it was derived from, as such it can be “recycled” back into sustainable superalloy bar stick - reducing the need for additional “mined” raw materials.