Melting Furnaces

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Manufacturing to the industry’s most stringent specifications

Whether it’s small or large production volumes, all nickel, cobalt, and iron-based alloys are produced by Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) utilising the largest selection of furnace capacities available in the northern hemisphere, capable of manufacturing alloys to the industry’s most stringent specifications.

Ross & Catherall has proven itself to be one of the most capable superalloy cast bar stick producers in the world. By employing best practices, R&D, production capabilities and innovations, we provide customers with a single source for the widest range of advanced alloy products.

500kg 500kg
3 Tonne 3 Tonne
4 Tonne 4 Tonne
7 Tonne 7 Tonne
Control pulpit Control pulpit
Melt chamber Melt chamber

Ross & Catherall are entrusted with a wide range of OEM accreditations and certifications and has earned a reputation for supporting leading manufacturers with superalloy cast bar stick utilising the latest technological melting systems that meet the industry’s most stringent operational requirements.

Accreditations and OEM approvals